Becoming Gods

Fey Hollow

Part 1

The Fey Hollow

In our last session the group decided to go to a cave that Erp the Mighty had a dream about. On their way to the cave they encountered a Behir. After a long battle, the party slew the monstrosity. They then harvested whatever they could off of it in true Monster Hunters fashion. They had to rest after this grueling battle, and the night went by without any disturbances.

The next day they made it to the  Fey Hollow. They proceeded to enter and explore the cave. The deeper they get the more the cave turns into a forest with bioluminescent plant life. The party has encounter hollow beasts so far, and Sarina managed to tame one  making it a loyal pet and new member to the party. The session ended with them slaying a small pack of three hollow beasts.



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